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 My name is Bill and I'm from New Orleans ...

Bill de ArmasIt was fun growing up in New Orleans with the Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, peeping into the strip clubs on Bourbon Street, that fabulous French/Creole cuisine, boiled crawfish, and all that Dixieland jazz. I attended LSU with undergraduate studies in shooting pool  &  playing bridge, and later started my real career in 1965 working for AT&T (during which I got drafted by the U.S. Army and spent 18 months in Germany). Upon returning, I continued with AT&T and then transferred to BellSouth where I finished my telephone company tenure  by accepting an early retirement offer in 1991. Subsequently did computer consulting & software creation and even worked on a scuba dive boat for a season. Lastly, in 1996, I was hired by Nextel (now Sprint) to move to South Florida and manage their computer network for 8 years until finally and formally retiring.

In February of 2009, I embarked on a new adventure earning my U.S. Merchant Marine Officer's credentials and became a licensed Charter Boat Captain driving scuba dive boats. But the story doesn't end there; in January of 2010, I advanced my certification to USCG Licensed 100 Ton Master and have been driving a 75' commercial charter yacht. Then comes 2015 and it's time to move on to another adventure (yet to be discovered).

I've had some interesting experiences; as a teenager I pumped gas in a filling station (back in the days when we checked your oil and cleaned the windshield), was a baker in a donut shop owned by Al Copeland, the founder of Popeye's Chicken), worked for a music company delivering pianos, played music in a rock 'n roll band, and then I grew up (oh really?). Raced motorcycles, snow skied, owned several boats, was an accomplished water skier (slalom, barefoot, etc.), became an avid scuba diver, traveled around the Caribbean diving (Bahamas, Caymans, Turks & Caicos, Grenada, Mexico, Honduras, Curacao), and who knows what or where next. Anybody for bungee-jumping?

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